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PS plate fails on Machine

Plate Processing

  • Check the developing parameters
  • Check the tail light of the stouffer Stepwedge-step 8 onwards should be solid. Check the developing parameters if the reading is not right.
  • Check the compatibility of the developer and finisher
  • Check the exposure

Plate packing

  • Refer the machine manual
  • Always measure the plate thickness and the packing material thickness
  • Add soft packing
  • 30% of the plate-failure is because of the wrong packing

Plate & Blanket pressure

  • Refer the machine manual
  • Check the pressure by following methods
  • Filler gauge method
  • Check the dot gain
  • Check with ink dab method

Plate & Blanket Cylinder Condition

  • Check the chrome plating
  • Check whether the packing slips from the cylinder surface
  • Fill up the dents immediately

Inking & Dampening forme roller shore hardness

  • Forme roller - 25 to 30
  • Distributor - 35
  • Dampener roller core - 25 to 30 use maintenance wash

Inking & Dampening roller setting

  • Check the setting with the help of ink strip method for inkers
  • For dampeners Check with the help of Filler Gauge

pH of the fountain solution

  • pH should be in the range of 4.5 to 5.5
  • Too acidic or too alkaline pH would reduce the run length drastically

Paper fluff

  • Clean the blanket frequently
  • Check the pH of the paper

Plate cleaners

  • Avoid usage of kerosene
  • Use compatible plate cleaner

Ink grinding

  • Check the ink grinding
  • Replace if the grinding is poor

Poor desensitization

  • Use factory made gums
  • Use compatible gums

Usage of non compatible chemicals

  • Use only compatible plate cleaners and fountain solutions

Press lighting

  • Avoid actinic light falling on the plate

Blanket shore hardness

  • Maintain the blanket well
  • Rejuvenate the blanket in time
  • Use maintenance washes